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The things I know about publishing, based upon my own journey to get there!

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Are you watching the YouTube Character Therapy series? Post your homework here so I can comment on it!

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Plot, setting, character, and more.

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Random other stuff that I want to yell about!

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  • I love love love K.M.'s website for its character and story arc methods! Do yourself a favor and check out her website. You're guaranteed to learn something!
  • So you've been dreaming about publishing a book for years, right? Have writer taxes ever been a part of that dream? No? Well, get ready for some serious fun! Just kidding, taxes are horrible. But this website kind of helps you with some things you should be deducting as a writer. I make a spreadsheet for all my writer expenses and update monthly, so when tax season rolls around I've got everything in one place!
  • Mary has an awesome blog series about the nitty gritty of being a debut author, from how to sign stock to how to handle hate mail to how to travel like a pro !
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