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Nov 26, 2018



Edited: Aug 23

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Sofiya and I'll be your tour guide today!


I created this forum so I could have a place to say hi to everyone! So go make your own thread and say hey! As for me, here's a little information about me that isn't in my public author bios:


I grew up in Florida (pronounced Flah-ri-duh), I have two sisters and one brother, and I used to get in trouble in school for reading under my desk when I was supposed to be paying attention.


I really did grow up with goats. One of my sisters is in possession of all the family photo albums (since we're old-school, they're physical albums, not digital omg), and once I wrangle the right one from her, I'm going to post me as a baby hanging out on our couch with a goat. We're both wearing diapers. It's amazing.


If you're not already keeping tabs on my Novel19s list (which has been moved to its very own website, then you are missing out! Go peruse all the debut MG and YA novels for 2019 and 202, plus sophomore novels for 2020, make your wish list now, and stay tuned for author interviews plus monthly preorder giveaways!



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