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Aug 8

WIP Diary 1


Hey everyone!


As you can see, I added a new category: Misc Junk! And in here is where I'm going to post my... junk. Miscellaneously.


First order of business. My WIP! This is going to be stuff regarding my WIP that I don't really share on other social media, so you're subjected to--er, I mean, you GET to see stuff no one else does! Cool!


So what's this WIP even about? I'm glad you asked. It's my Epic Jewish Fantasy, elsewhere known as EJF or Secret WIP or possibly just *endless screaming*. It's actual (working) title is, as of this moment...


drum rooooollllll


... AXIOM!


Earlier it was THE AXIOM OF ALCHEMY but that's like... really simple. No secret meanings or extra things to uncover or anything. AXIOM is simpler, but more complex. And probably will change. Meh.


A month or so ago I finished the first draft of this and sent it to my agent. I got it back from her in a couple of weeks with some edit notes, so I'm revising per her notes at the moment. It's so much better now! And I'm super excited to see where it's going.


Do you want to meet my characters?




**toot toot trumpet noises**

I hear your sharp intake of breath as you mumble to yourself, "Surely this crazy author hasn't written a story with six separate viewpoints."


Ha ha, no. I haven't done that. I'm not that irresponsible.


There are only three POVs!


Rivka: 17yo Rivka Nikogovna is about to turn 18, about to flee the capital city, and about to start a war (shh she doesn't know that yet). She's determined to track down her people, but her plans to escape the city are disrupted when she has a vision of philanthropic Prince Alexiy being brutally murdered.


Valeriy: 20yo Valeriy Innokentovich is the crown prince--the królivech--and experiences the same disease that took his mother's life. Hiding it is getting harder and harder, especially after an enemy from the east demands he return a prisoner to them--a prisoner that he doesn't hold.


Alexiy: Valeriy's younger twin brother who pours all of his energy and time into finding a cure for the devastating Red Mist plague. The cure is locked in an ancient, magical text written in a dead language that no one can translate, because all of its speakers were murdered centuries earlier by the royal family.


Next time, we'll talk about Sevastyan, Katarina, and Zhenya! Not POV characters, but absolutely vital to the story.


As of this moment, I've written 42,259 words of this revision draft. Yow! I hope to take advantage of my school break (until August 18th baybee) and get all 100k words done before then!


What's your WIP? How's your progress? Do you need an accountability buddy? Holler and we'll set something up!

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