PWPoePrompts Day 14: Comps

I am bad at comps.

I always feel like a goober trying to compare my mess of words to something, like, awesome. Fortunately for me, I have Very Smart Friends who aren't afraid to comp my WIPs. And this is what the comps are for my YA Historical Fantasy TSAR-CROSSED, in which to save his kingdom shy bookworm Prince Sasha must find a wife, even though he's secretly in love with his knight, Timur.

If your brain is melting, I need you to know that mine is too. After that comp was spoken to me, I thought, "You know what, that's probably completely accurate." I just never would have comped them myself. Prince & Knight is so completely adorable, and The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue is brilliantly funny and voicey and sad, and how is my silly WIP even in the same solar system as these?

I'm going to stick with them. Sasha and Timur are completely the Prince and Knight slowly burning while they stand next to each other. And Sasha's abusive father plus the 1st person POV snark of Timur line it up with Monty.

My advice for finding comps: READ! Obviously. But also have friends who read. Because maybe they read something different that matches your WIP better. Or maybe they can read different things out of your WIP. Writer/Reader friends make the world go 'round!

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