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Review: Keeper of Myths

Title: Keeper of Myths Author: Jasmine Richards Genre: Fantasy Series: Secrets of Valhalla #2

Blurb Buzz and Mary are not your average kids…

FACT 1: They recently found out that Norse gods are real. (And they’re about to learn there are even more gods.)

FACT 2: Buzz’s mom just returned after being lost in the Amazon. (But there’s something important she isn’t telling him.)

FACT 3: They might have some awesome abilities of their own. (And they’re going to need them very soon…)

Strange people have been arriving in Buzz’s hometown of Crowmarsh. But it turns out these visitors aren’t people at all–they’re mythological gods! They’ve come to kidnap Buzz’s best friend, Sam, whose newfound power makes him the key to granting the wishes of the gods.

Buzz and Mary must team up once again on a dangerous adventure to find a mysterious being known as the Keeper of Myths. Only the Keeper is strong enough to help them save Sam, unlock their own abilities, and banish the gods back to their realms–before they take over the world.

What I Liked The entire story is written and plotted well. Questions posed at the beginning are answered at the end. I love books that have actual endings, and this one definitely did while still leaving a spot for another book in the future.

What I Would Have Liked to See My biggest critique is that I didn’t like the kids as much as I wanted to, but I think that might be part of reading book #2 without having read book #1 (whoops!). I still liked them enough to root for them and follow them all the way through this adventure, and maybe after going back and reading book #1, I’ll absolutely love them!

My Favorite! I really liked being exposed to non-Greek or Norse gods, as those pantheons seem to be the only ones anyone ever writes about anymore. Which is surprising, especially when those stories are for kids, because Greek and especially Norse gods were kind of… jerks. Awful jerks. But the forgotten gods in this other world were from a bunch of different cultures:

Ayiyi, a spider trickster god from Ghana.

Gu, the Fon (Benin and Togo) god of iron and war.

Priparchis, the Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, and Prussia) god of piglets.

And so on!

TL;DR Uncommon folklore/mythologies, kick-butt kids saving a friend, mystery. Great read for 8-12 ages!



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