Video: 10 Ways to Write an Original Story

Updated: Oct 7

There was a point in my writing career when I was pretty stuck. I couldn’t think of any new stories to tell! I figured I just wasn’t creative, I was a one-trick pony, I only had one story in me and now that it was written, I was done. Blah blah blah.


If you’re a human being, you’re a storyteller, and your world and mind are bursting with stories if you know how to look! In this video, I talk about my 10 favorite ways to come up with new ideas for books and stories, and how being open to nutty new concepts can really push you out of “what more is there to write?” and into “I need more time to write all these ideas!”

1. Updating folklore and fairy tales

2. Fun historical stuff

3. Weird family stories

4. Reading other books

5. Twitter title memes

6. MSWL requests

7. _____ meets _____

8. Making excuses for bad habits

9. Classical literature

10. ________ with wizards

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