Video: Dependence/Incompetence

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to bring this series to my YouTube channel: Character Therapy, or How to Use Psychotherapy to Create Realistic Characters.

I really love using Schema Therapy with a lot of my patients, and this particular type of therapy is something I’ve been using with my own characters in my own stories for a while. Well, I decided that since Schema Therapy lends itself so easily to writing good character development, I would merge the two together and start spreading it around. Hooray!

In the overview video (go watch it if you haven’t!), I introduced everyone to what schemas are and how I outline character arcs using four things: Lie, Want, Truth, Wound. This time, we’re taking a deeper look into the Dependence/Incompetence schema and how it can drive your characters’ decisions!

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REMINDER: The Character Therapy Series is NOT for use with real people! Fictional people only, please. ^_^

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