2021 award eligibility

Hello, friend! Thanks for checking out this page! Awards are a funny and complicated beast. Some awards are strictly voted on by an elected committee. Some awards are nominated by members of an organization and then voted on by committee. And some are entirely popular vote!

But which is which? Where can you find out? What do you have to do or be in order to nominate, vote, join committees, or see nominations and winners?

Um. I don't know.

I am but a lost traveler adrift in an absurd literary world, trying to organize things as I hurtle past. And when I manage to grab onto something and figure it out, I'm posting it here!

Right now, it's all of my own award eligibility, and the reasons why I think I have great stories that are award-worthy.

It's actually kinda difficult to cheerlead my own work. It feels pretty egotistical.

"Hey look at this amazing thing I did, look at it look at it look at it, aren't I great? tell me I'm great!"


But something I've learned in my minuscule time as a real-life grown-up published author is that you have to be your own biggest cheerleader, because (especially when you're starting out), if you don't do it, no one else is going to.

So here's my attempt at cheerleading myself! Rah rah go Sofi go!

My 2021 awards eligibility for different organizations, and how you can nominate and/or vote! Obviously I'd love it if you nominated and/or voted for my own book(s), but getting involved in these awards period is really great!


So if you vote for something else, no hard feelings, and YAY! Participation! Make your voice heard! Trumpet those amazing stories from the mountaintop!


Anya and the Nightingale


Andre norton nebula award for middle grade and young adult fiction

Nomination period ends February 28, 2021.

Final voting is open from March 15 to April 30, 2021.

In order to nominate a work, SFWA members must log into the SFWA discussion boards and then follow this link to the online ballot.

The golden Kite Award

Nomination period ends December 31, 2020.

The Golden Kite nominees are informed in January 2021.


Entry period is February 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021.

Silver, Gold, and Diamond Quill winners are announced during the Quills Conference in August 2021.

A historical fantasy novel for middle grade readers, ANYA AND THE NIGHTINGALE takes place in early 11th Century Kyiv and features:

  •  A religiously diverse cast of characters, with Eastern Orthodox Catholics, Mizrahi Jews, Sephardi Jews, and Slavic pagans coexisting.

  • A Jewish character with an unorthodox upbringing wrestling with her identity within her religion, wondering if she "counts" as Jewish.

  • A visibly bisexual character coming to understand his attraction (with middle grade appropriate affection).

  • A character whose body is transfigured and who struggles with existing within a body he doesn't feel belongs to him.

  • A Deaf character who signs and never uses his considerable magic to "fix" his Deafness.

  • An observant religious character who is forced to hide his faith in order to accomplish his dreams.

  • A belligerent and scathing princess battling the patriarchal expectations placed on her by her family.

  • A child character dealing with the absence of a parent due to military involvement in a foreign war.

  • The message of questioning the absolute truths you're told by others, especially when it pertains to human beings (or humanoid beings).

ANYA AND THE NIGHTINGALE is a retelling of the Russian fairytale "Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber," recontextualized within the question: What if the monster's horrible actions are justified?