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  Neat stuff for YOU!   Patreon is neat

Patreon is a platform where you can become a patron of your favorite creators to support their work!

I used to have like 800 tiers on my Patreon, but I simplified down to TWO: Writerly Type and Word Enthusiast.

writerly type

for writers, mostly

   Patron-only posts    that will give insight into my writing process

Also behind-the-scenes of what I do when I'm not writing!

   Early access to videos    about all kinds of stuff!

I've expanded my Character Therapy series, plus I'm creating a new series called A.C.T. for Authors!

   Downloadable PDFs    that go with videos or other learning

Who doesn't love interactive PDFs of stuff? I'm also converting existing PDFs into worksheets that are printable and don't take up a ton of printer ink!

   Discord access    to chat with me about things

I'm cutting down my time on Twitter and other social media and transitioning over to Discord more and more. Join me in my Discord server to learn more about psychotherapy for fiction, world building, and more!

word enthusiast

For readers

   Writerly Type perks    so you can get all that stuff too

Let's be real! Writers are also readers, and a lot of readers are writers. Word Enthusiasts enjoy both worlds!

   Access to my WIPs    for your reading pleasure

Every 2 weeks, I'll post a new chapter from whatever WIP I'm currently hyperfocused on.

this is a limited tier!

   Right now there are only five spots in this tier   

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