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6 Gifts for the Author in Your Life

It's almost THAT time of year. There's a chill in the air. Trees are changing colors. Everyone is wearing scarves even though it's technically still too hot but THEY DO NOT CARE because they've been waiting all year to wear a scarf DANGIT.

It's FALL! And with Fall comes gift-giving holidays. And with gift-giving holidays comes guides on the best gifts for people.

Well, as an author myself, I know a thing or two about what gifts authors want. So I'm here to share my insight with you, so you can take good care of the author in your life!

Note: I'm not an affiliate for any of these items! I just really like them and I want to yell about them. 🥳

  1. A subscription to Canva. Okay, the free version of Canva is pretty great, but I've had the Pro version for a couple years now and I don't regret upgrading at all. If your author is pre-published, Canva offers some fun ways to create their own book covers and make character aesthetics. If they're published, they can use Canva to make awesome promotional graphics (and also more aesthetics, who am I kidding)! This is likely the most expensive item on this list (a year of Pro is $119), but your author will get a lot of mileage out of that Pro subscription for sure!

  2. Scrivener. Yeah this writing program is amazing. It's pretty inexpensive ($50 for lifetime access), doesn't require a subscription, and is so dang functional for writers, it's absurd. It can have a steep learning curve, but I've been publishing how-to videos on YouTube to keep that learning curve manageable!

  3. Stuff that smells like books. Every author has this uncontrollable urge to snort stuff that smells like bibliochor--the smell of old books. This website has perfume and shower gel, but the REAL star here is the lotion. See, authors are abusing their hands with nonstop typing for hours, and winter is coming, so stuff gets dry. That combo means their poor little hands are going to need some lotion, stat. And what better lotion to get than the kind that whiffs old book smell at their face every time they take a pause. Aaahhhhhh bibliochor!

  4. A coffee subscription. Every month (or in whatever frequency you choose), your author will get a bag of coffee in the mail. Honestly, the mailbox smells so good when you've got this package in there, I think that's reason enough to do it. But it is also tasty and gives good word energy.

  5. A custom coffee cup in which to put the coffee subscription. If your author has a book of their own, snag a copy of their cover and put it on a coffee cup! Then every time they're blasting that cup full of hot brown morning potion, they get to be reminded about how cool their cover is! If they don't have a book of their own, get a coffee cup with something other-writerly on the front. Pinterest has ten bajillion ideas. You don't need to settle for a pre-made author coffee cup. Make it unique!

  6. Comfy socks. Feet get cold while you're sitting there NOT using them. So snag some comfy, cute socks (or some with no-no words on them) that your author will delight in pulling over their atrophied harpy feet. Also, it's winter, so use some of that LuXuRiOuS LoTiOn from #3 to soften up those toes. Their un-cracked heels will thank you!

Okay, that's all! I hope this list helped you out, and that the author in your life will love your amazing gift decision! I definitely didn't write this for the sole purpose of convincing my spouse to buy me book-scented lotion. Nope.


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