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New Book Announcement!

I've been sitting on this news since... June? July?

My editor for the ANYA books left my publisher. Not under bad terms or anything; she was offered a position doing something she was passionate about, so she took the opportunity and left. And you know, I was really sad to lose her amazing insight into this new book, but I'm also soooo happy that she gets to do something she really loves!

But that left me wondering... what about my book?

I sold this book on proposal, which means it wasn't entirely written yet. I did the first 50 pages, a query, and a synopsis. My publisher bought the book based on that, and said I had until October 1st to finish the book. Easy-peasy, no problem, absolutely fine. And I got to work.

And then I found out my editor was leaving.

I asked my agent, "Uhhh what's going on with my book?"

Sometimes if an editor leaves a publisher, all their projects leave with them. Or they get orphaned and are left without an editor for who-knows-how-long. Do they ever get un-bought? I don't know. I hope not.

My editor was not taking my book with her, nor was my publisher un-buying my book. So that meant **gulp** that I was an orphan.

I kept writing it while my publisher hired a new editor, and I got an updated due date: December 1st. Even better. Now I could send the book to my agent and she could send me feedback before I passed it along to the new editor.

My publisher hired my new editor, and she called me up one day so we could meet. And Y'ALL!! I was worried that any new editor wouldn't be as amazing as my first. She set the bar WAY HIGH, like ionosphere high, and I felt sorry for this new editor who was going to have to live in the first editor's shadow.


My new editor is so cool. And we gel on a very similar wavelength. I sent her my book on December 1st, and I know she's going to knock my edits out of the park. My agent finally got the go-ahead to post the announcement for my little book, and now I can announce it as well:


I mocked up a cover for it ages ago:

This isn't what the real cover is going to be, but I like it as a placeholder for now!

Also, it's on Goodreads! So go add it on there if you don't mind. It would mean a whole lot to me if you did! Also, I'm getting over my Goodreadsophobia, and I'm going to start using it more as I go forward in a social way. What the heck does that mean? Go add my book, or add me as a friend, and you'll find out!


meet sofiya!

Sofiya Pasternack is a mental health professional, the highly-distractible author of Jewish MG and YA fantasy, and prone to oversharing gross medical stories.

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