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Review: A Sliver of Stardust

two children riding a giant hawk under the text A SLIVER OF STARDUST

Title: A Sliver of Stardust Author: Marissa Burt Genre: Fantasy Series: Stardust #1

Blurb Wren Matthews outgrew nursery rhymes a long time ago. Little did she know that songs of twinkling little stars and four-and-twenty blackbirds would turn out to be the key to the ancient magic of stardust.

Wren’s discovery catapults her into a world of buried secrets, strange dreams, and a faraway fortress under an aurora-filled sky. But just as she begins to master her unique abilities, her new world begins to crumble around her . . . and she may be the only one who can save it.

What I Liked Wren is sassy and smart, but even though she has special abilities, they don’t seem to make her transition into this new life any easier. Meanwhile, her friend Simon has a very easy time with these new skills, which stirs up some jealously in Wren. I liked the differences between the two kids: Simon picks things up easily and is naturally good, whereas Wren has to really try hard to get to his same level.

What I Would Have Liked to See More Fiddler aesthetic! I understand why Wren, an apprentice with no real rights, wasn’t allowed to play around with some of the cool gadgets around the Fiddler House, but I still wish we could have gotten more of that!

My Favorite! The giant bird with attitude. He had no time for Wren or her nonsense. Made me laugh!

TL;DR The writing itself is very easy to follow and keep up with, and the story is exciting without being crazy or over-the-top, a little scary without inducing nightmares. A great read for the 8-12 age group!



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