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Review: Skateboard Sibby

Author: Clare O'Connor

Genre: contemporary

Release Date: March 18th, 2019

Series: none


Eleven-year-old Sibby Henry liked her old life. Now she's living in a new town with her nan and pops. On her first day of school she sees a dope skateboard park, but she's lost her precious board. To make things worse, Freddie, a super skater and a super jerk, dominates the park. Sibby tries to stay chill, but when Freddie gets in the face of her only new friend, Charlie Parker Drysdale, things get too hot for chill. Never one to back down, Sibby accepts when Freddie challenges her to a competition on the half pipe. She won't let anything stop her from proving herself.

What I Liked

Sibby is a very relatable and sympathetic protagonist who makes some bad decisions. But hey, haven't we all made bad decisions? Her parents are going through some hard times, so the family moves in with Sibby's grandparents. This means she has to go to a new school, and she hates it! On top of not having any friends, everyone eats weird lunches and basically the first thing that happens is that a skateboarding bully named Freddie gets in her face. He challenges her to a skateboarding competition and she agrees, loudly and in front of everyone. Just one problem... she broke her skateboard, and doesn't have another one yet.

What I Would Have Liked to See

For the story that was told, everything was great! I did feel like the introduction of Freddie and Jake made them seem a lot older than Sibby and her friend group, so I always thought of them as a grade or two ahead, even though they were all in the same grade.

My Favorite!

Sibby's cute new friend group rallying around her! And everyone misunderstanding dinosaur poops lol!


Sibby had to move to a whole new city and leave her old life behind all because of a bully, so when a new bully in her new town starts picking on her and her new friends, she refuses to back down... and might be getting in over her head.


I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review. All thoughts are my own!



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Sofiya Pasternack is a mental health professional, the highly-distractible author of Jewish MG and YA fantasy, and prone to oversharing gross medical stories.

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