fists full

of sun



fists full of sun

America and the USSR use atomic magicians up like disposable batteries in a desperate attempt to win the Cold War, and only a tenuous pact between a Byelorussian soldier and an American magician stands a chance at stopping mutually assured destruction.



what my beta readers are saying:

Are You Interested in Beta  Reading?

I'm currently looking for beta readers who:

  • Are familiar with the late Soviet Era, especially Soviet military protocols

  • Are somewhat knowledgeable about the Cold War (you don't need to be a historian or anything!)

  • Know a thing or two about nuclear physics

  • Enjoy the enemies-to-lovers trope

  • Read YA and YA/adult crossover

If this sounds like you, please reach out to me at!



November 14, 2020

I started this book over a year ago while editing my Big Jewish Fantasy and buddy-bingeing HBO's CHERNOBYL with a friend (and just screaming nonstop). High fantasy and Soviet nuclear programs combined in my head, and one day I asked myself, "What if the Cold War was fought with nuclear magic?"

And I started writing this book.

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