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Review: Kazu Jones and the Denver Dognappers

Author: Shauna Holyoak

Genre: contemporary

Release Date: April 23rd, 2019

Series: none


When a string of dognappings grips her Denver neighborhood, Kazu Jones vows to track down the culprits. She can't stand to see more dogs go missing-especially once her neighbors' beloved pet is taken because of her gigantic mistake.

With the help of her gang--including her best friend and expert hacker, March; and her ginormous, socially anxious pup, Genki--Kazu uncovers evidence that suggests the dognapping ring is bigger than she ever imagined. But the more she digs, the more dangerous her investigation becomes. The dognappers are getting bolder, and Genki could be next.

What I Liked

This is a very sweet book about a girl seeking the truth against all odds! Kazuko AKA Kazu begins the story with immediate action, and doesn't slow down until the very last page. The mystery of the dognappers is played out slowly so the reader has the chance to follow along and try their best to deduce alongside Kazu's deductions. Kazu is enterprising and hard-working, and even though she's nosy, she's easy to root for!

What I Would Have Liked to See

I thought most of Kazu's decisions were right on-point, but a couple of them left me wondering about her motivations. Clarification for those would have been nice! But those gaps in clarity weren't big enough to affect the story.

My Favorite!

March's siblings all having M names! It's a big family thing that reminded me of a lot of the friends I have who are somewhere in the line of 7 or 8 kids.


Super sleuth enlists the help of her techie best friend to figure out who's stealing the dogs in their neighborhood, and when her own dog falls victim to the dognappers, things get uncomfortably close to home.



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