• Sofiya Pasternack

TUTORIAL: Scrivener 3 Folders and Text Documents

Woohoo! Let’s talk about Scrivener!

Hey friends! I'm so excited to bring my Scrivener tips and tricks to you! Scrivener can be pretty daunting, but it's such a great program with so many features!

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This video today is all about the Folders and Text Documents features. These are all pretty great, so pay attention!

In this post, we'll go through the following topics:


Creating New Folders

Renaming Folders

Creating New Text Documents

Renaming Text Documents

Coloring Backgrounds in the Binder

Section Types (Again!)


Folders are a way to organize your chapters, scenes, and so on, within Scrivener. They function basically the same as folders on your computer desktop do, and the way folders in real life do. You stick documents in them!

Creating New Folders

Click next to the green plus sign at the top of your Scrivener window, and you'll get this dropdown menu. Select New Folder and boom! You'll get a new folder!

Make sure you're selected to a place in the Binder where you want the new folder to go.