• Sofiya Pasternack

TUTORIAL | Scrivener 3 Sections, Labels, and Status

Woohoo! Let’s talk about Scrivener!

Hey friends! I'm so excited to bring my Scrivener tips and tricks to you! Scrivener can be pretty daunting, but it's such a great program with so many features!

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This video today is all about the Sections, Labels, and Status features. These are all pretty great, so pay attention!

In this post, we'll go through the following topics:


Sections and Compile

Section Layouts



The Outliner View


To toggle around with Sections, head on over to the Inspector pane. That's the panel on the far right of your Scrivener program! If you don't see it, hit the blue "i" in the upper right corner, and it will pop up.

Once the Inspector is open, navigate to the Metadata tab. Inside that, check out the Section types dropdown menu.