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Approval-Seeking/ Recognition-Seeking

Approval-Seeking/ Recognition-Seeking

"If no one praises you for
your actions, then what is
even the point?"

  family origin  

Conditional acceptance

Domain IV


The expectation that it's normal to focus excessively on the wants or feelings of others at the expense of one's own wants or feelings, in order to gain love or acceptance.

  maladaptive coping 


Acts flagrantly to gain the disapproval of admired individuals.


Avoids relationships with admired individuals out of fear of not gaining their approval.


Draws the attention of others to their accomplishments related to status.

  typical thoughts  

I need to be liked by almost everyone I know.

Accomplishments only matter if other people notice them.

Even if I don't like someone, I still want them to like me.

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