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Failure to Achieve

Failure to Achieve

"I’m worse than everyone
else at everything. That’s
just how life is."

  family origin  


Domain II

Impaired Autonomy and Performance

The expectation that the character is unable to survive on their own, or normal not to be able to perform anything successfully.

  maladaptive coping 


Diminishes achievements of
others; Tries to meet perfectionistic standards to
compensate for sense of failure.


Procrastinates on work tasks; Avoids new or difficult tasks; Avoids setting career goals that are appropriate to ability level.


Sabotages work efforts by
working below level of ability; Unfavorably compares their achievement with that of others in a biased manner.

  typical thoughts  

I'm a failure.

Nothing I ever do is as good as what the people around me can do.

When I compare my accomplishments with others, I'm always lacking.

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