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Enmeshment/Undeveloped Self

Enmeshment/Undeveloped Self

"I can’t survive without the
support of someone else."

  family origin  


Domain II

Impaired Autonomy and Performance

The expectation that the character is unable to survive on their own, or normal not to be able to perform anything successfully.

  maladaptive coping 


Engages in excessive autonomy.


Avoids relationships with
people who stress individuality over enmeshment.


Imitates behavior of partner and keeps in close contact with them; Does not develop a separate identity with unique preferences.

  typical thoughts  

I don't have a separate identity from my parent/partner.

I feel like my parent is living through me, and like I don't have a life of my own.

If I don't tell my parent/partner intimate details about my life, I feel guilty.

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