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Emotional Inhibition

Emotional Inhibition

"Showing spontaneous
emotion will just lead to
people making fun of me."

  family origin  

Emotionally restricted

Domain V

Overvigilance and Inhibition

The expectation that expressing one's emotions, feelings, or impulses is wrong, shameful, or embarrassing.

  maladaptive coping 


Acts impulsively and without inhibition, sometimes under the influence of substances such as alcohol.


Avoids activities involving emotional self-expression (expressing love or showing fear) or requiring uninhibited behavior (such as dancing).


Emphasizes reason and order over emotion; Acts in a very controlled, flat manner; does not show spontaneous emotions or behavior.

  typical thoughts  

If I let my anger out, I might seriously harm someone physically or emotionally.

Expressing emotions is humiliating.

If I show any emotions to others, they're going to laugh at me.

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