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Insufficient Self-Control/Self-Discipline

Insufficient Self-Control/Self-Discipline

"I’ll do anything--ANYTHING--to avoid discomfort."

  family origin  

Lack of healthy boundaries

Domain III

Impaired Limits

The expectation that one is not required to respect the boundaries or rights of others, or that one is unable to meet realistic goals.

  maladaptive coping 


Makes short-lived, intense efforts to complete a project or to exercise self-control.


Does not work or drops out of school; Does not set long-term career goals.


Performs tasks that are boring or uncomfortable in a careless way; Loses controls of emotions; Excessively eats, gambles, drinks, etc, for pleasure.

  typical thoughts  

If I can't reach a goal, I become easily frustrated and I give up.

I lose my temper really easily.

If I want to do or say something, I just do, regardless of the consequences.

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